High Rock Centre  

Former’s High Rock and Today’s High Rock


Shatin, was a small fishing village in the past. Now, it is a modern city which can be accessible by various transportations.
High Rock Centre is located at the top of a small hill in Shatin district. High Rock Centre had been overlooking the development of Shatin since 1924, and it is valuable and meaningful to learn about the evolution of High Rock Centre during the past decade.


Former’s High Rock


Stewards High Rock Centre was originally erected and used as Shatin Police Station in 1924. In 1952, the site was eventually rented to Miss Mildred Dibden, an independent Christian lady missionary, for setting up of the Shatin Babies Home to take care of abandoned and destitute babies. In 1964, High Rock Christian School or Spiritual Foundation School was opened. The founders of the School, Miss Ruth Whitehead and Miss Frances Hollingsworth, resided in the premises after Miss Dibden and her remaining charges moved to England. As a result of Bible teaching in the school, a number of students came to know the Lord which marked the formation of High Rock Church in the area.
The winds of change swept over Hong Kong in early 80’s. Shatin was proposed to develop to be a “Satellite City.” Small villages disappeared and High Rise Estates filled the valley. All of these estates have Governmental aided primary and secondary schools built and the future of the small country independent school was dim. At time, Miss Whitehead and Miss Hollingsworth started to consider the possibility of turning the premises into a Gospel camp-site. In 1980, with the support of Hong Kong Government, the premises were converted into High Rock Christian Camp as the purpose of reaching young people and elderly with gospel commenced until 1984, then Stewards Co (HK) Ltd. took the overall responsibility of High Rock from 1984 up till now. High Rock Centre was classified as Class 2 Historical Building in August 2010. Nowadays, supported by The Community Chest of Hong Kong, the non-subvented service unit can house 90 campers and providing quality camp-site services for locals and people all over the world.


1924 Shatin Police Station
1941-51 Command Centre by the Japanese army
1950 Established a hostel at High Rock by the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) for children who had had contact with tuberculosis in their own homes
1952 Shatin Babies Home
1964 High Rock Christian School
Late 1970 High Rock Christian Camp
1984 Stewards Ltd took the overall responsibility of High Rock as camp to provide quality camp-site services and retreat program.
2010 classified as Class 2 Historical Building in August 2010 by The Antiquities Advisory Board

Today’s High Rock


High Rock Centre is located in Shatin, New Territories. It is situated on a quiet hilltop with a panoramic view of Shatin. It is close to all public amenities – within walking distance to a large shopping centre, directly opposite are bus and train stations that connect you around Hong Kong. High Rock Centre accommodates 90 overnight campers, which offers The Hollingsworth Hall, 3 Activities Rooms and 2 Sitting Rooms, for retreats, conferences, trainings, special events and wedding parties for individuals and organization/corporate. Day and Evening Camp are also served for public as well.