High Rock Story


The sunlight is intruded from the dark, the Dark Age after the war was gone.

New home is ready for them.

High Rock Centre was the Shatin Babies Home for the orphans and post-war children; with the aid of Missionaries, the orphans were grown up under love, and they inspired every one of us of meekness to serve the Lord.  There were lots of stories with happiness, sadness, cheerfulness and seriousness created here.
Here are is the stories of High Rock that we must commit to memory.


The story from Yip Tai Wai


Hi, I am David Yip, this name was given by my Mama, Miss Dibden (The Director of Shatin Babies Home). I was the first bunch to be sent to The Shatin Babies Home, which heard from Mama that I was sent by a mentally disabled woman, so I thought she was my mother. For the other children, some sent by the police, some delivered by the postman. Post-war life was very hard with a traditional preference for sons in the Chinese society; most of the abandoned babies were girl.  I remembered that there were 76 orphans in total lived together, but with 5 boys only, the left were girls. In reason of the first bunch to arrive, everyone thought I was the oldest in the family, so I often helped the girls to wear their hair braided in pigtail!

The pronunciation of the surname of Mama (Dibden) was similar to the Chinese word “Yip”, so we had a family name as Yip. I just thought, a British lady came alone to Hong Kong, shouldered the care of a group of small orphans, that was a great thing to us! I remembered that I have been arranged to adopt by a family in the United States in 1964, I was one of the lucky child. However, one day, I read from the newspaper, Mama was force to close the Babies home, due to the limitation on the number of orphan under the government regulation, then Mama arranged to send the orphans to oversea for adoption.

It truly missed Mama, brothers and sisters while I heard about this news in the United States. I was only ten years old at that time, but I decided to come back to Hong Kong. It was the day they were about to leave when I had just arrived Babies Home, I hid behind the tree, but gazed to Mama, brothers and sisters to leave, my tear was dropped and dropped.


Although these have been passed, this was my precious moment that I would not forget ever when I lived in the Babies Home. We were delighted to live there like in the heaven, in which Mama arranged Amah to take care of our daily issue, it was the time we all lived without uncertainties and worries, and also received the gift from the foreign people too! Mama threw the gifts to us from the second floor to the playground; the children were happy who received the gift.
We attended to class every day after breakfast, and learnt English letters, sang English songs, and played with toys! Our favorite toy was the phonograph; this was also the gift from foreigner. Besides the gifts, Mama wrote the names of the children who were well-behaved on the whiteboard as a reward; we were very glad to see the names on whiteboard which is the most exciting moment!

During the time when I lived in the Babies home, I was the most mischievous. I remembered that I put my cheek onto the glass window as a game, however the glass was suddenly burst, and my back and buttock were injured by the broken glass. Mama wanted to know the reason why I got injury, I felt painful, but was afraid to voice out the truth was, but Mama finally found it. Fortunately, Mama was busy to help me to clean the wound, so she did not give me any punishment!

It was about 40 years after the Babies home was closed. The most happiest thing is that we all can keep good relationship no matters where we live around the world, also will come back to Babies Home, which is High Rock Centre. We all cherish the memory of our Mama, and also the Babies Home she found.

The story from Yip Po Wai

Yip Tai Wai is my good friend like my brother. It was induced my memory with him on carrying me to go up and down the hill when I was back to High Rock Centre. I deeply concerned that High Rock Centre would be demolished by the government. I felt indescribable when I saw the group photo that we took on the steps at the entrance.
I was back to my “home” after a decade. It was so nice that there was not much change for the tiles and bricks of the building, just the sparrow on the ceiling were getting less and less. I remembered that we were happy to see the sparrow came and ate the food we put on the playground, it was full of joyful.  The playground was our recreational area which we played see-saw and toys, rode bicycle, and the place where Mama gave us the rewards. We lined up to collect the prizes like candies or pocket money, which was the most wonderful memory.
Mama taught us to save money from an early age; everyone got their own box with name to save up. Mama collected and counted amount of money we saved in the boxes with us every month. We were all happy no matters how much we saved.
Recalling my memory when I looked around the rooms, it was the place we ate the meal, bathed, slept and studied. I suffered from Poliomyelitis, which was not as lucky as the other children that can walk so well, therefore I stayed in Hong Kong instead of going to overseas. I realized the truth of happiness and contentment by my religion, I learned from Mama how Jesus Christ cares for me, and I felt grateful to live at High Rock centre even I did not have the love from my parents in my childhood, however this was the best days I spent in the High Rock Centre.

(The Chinese version of these stories shall prevail should there be any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English and the Chinese versions.)