Inside High Rock Centre   
  Innovative Experience  

Whether you are an individual, group or company, it is worthy to take a day or a few days off to stop and think. High Rock Centre not only offers Retreat services and our well-known “Life and Death Education” for you to choose, but also cross cultural and environmental education programs for those in need and with interest.

Life and Death Education
Everyone goes through life and death. Although no one knows the exact experience of their own births and deaths, everyone is experiencing the joy and sorrow of life. Life is limited, but its meaning is unlimited. Through understanding death, let us regain and discover the uniqueness, value and colours of life.

Cross Cultural and Environmental Education
In order to enhance the public awareness on conservation in historical and natural environmental aspect, we offer a variety of programs for you to participate – The “Paper-puppet making” brings you a meaningful experience on reflection and respectability for those people who lived or worked in High Rock Centre before. The “Making of recycle papers” is also one of our famous environmental education programs too.

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  Freestyle Experience  

Heritage monuments and numerous hiking trails around High Rock Centre take you away from the chaotic city to help you rebuild relationships with nature and with those around you. You are free to design your own style of programs by using our existing facilitate inside High Rock Centre, meanwhile we are also welcome to arrange tailor-made programs of team building for organizations and corporations inside High Rock Centre .
Our staff can also arrange seminars and group workshops outside High Rock Centre.