The words of the In-Charge of High Rock Centre


Starting from scratch, our mission on providing quality camping and meal service is being enhanced for the local and the people all over the world. High Rock Centre aspires to provide a place of tranquility and lively for the needed. In order to know more about the characteristics of the High Rock Centre, there are 4 different aspects we are going to demonstrate in the following pages, including Accommodation, Food & Beverage, Activities & Programs and Open Space.

High Rock Centre is a place where shows the integration of Chinese and Western architectural design – Crossover of Chinese tiles and Western-style red brick. This is a likely characteristic of cultural mixture for Hong Kong people. Come and experience the wonderful atmosphere here.

Food & Beverage
Providing qualified and delicious food and beverage is our major concern. We offer both Chinese and Western style food for the campers from breakfast to dinner. Our intention is to serve the best for you!

Activities & Programs
High Rock Centre designs and provides various activities and programs for you to join, including retreat, cross cultural and environmental and our major “Life and Death Education”. Actions speak louder than words. Let’s take action on an impulse now!

Open space
Whether you are energetic or gentle person, High Rock Centre is able to satisfy your needs. Open space with an extensive view at the hilly landscape can give you an extraordinary feeling of fun.