Open Area  

High Rock Square


It locates in the central of High Rock Centre covered an area of 880 feet, is the largest open space in the camp. The Square offers vintage style bench with RED BRICK wall surrounding, which creates a main feature of the High Rock Centre.


Front Garden


The Front Garden locates in front of the main building with the background of the Red Brick Wall. A small podium and outside tables and chairs are served for the campers to enjoy under the sun, which can overlook the view of the Shing Mun River in Shatin as a good place for relaxation.




The white pavilion is at the left hand side of the main building which is surrounded by trees. Many birds like staying around or some of them inhabit there, camper can enjoy a peaceful and graceful environment over there.


Pebble Walking Trail


The walking trail lies in the lower platform and in front of the main building, which is hidden beneath the tall trees. White tables and chairs in British style is placed near the walking trail, can see the panoramic view of High Rock Centre main building.


Flame of the Forest


There is a sitting-out area along the hillside which is encircled by The Delonix regia. It must be covered by red color when the tree flowers in the springtime, really like Flame of the Forest.


Barbecue Site


It locates at the left side of the main building with a spacious open area and planted frangipani trees around.  This area boasts panoramic views of Shatin and can offer to place several grills at the same time.


Red Brick Alley


There is a small alley located at the backside of West ring of High Rock Centre. A vintage black table and chair are offered for campers to serve a simple and nice afternoon tea with outdoor sunlight.




It locates behind the High Rock Square which likes a secret garden with a small scale. Wooden furnishings inspire a fresh and elegant feeling for you to enjoy reading books or personal retreat.